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Cooking Game – Can You Keep the Customers Happy?

Are you passionate about cooking? Want to test your cooking and serving skills? If yes, then this cooking game has you covered. Cooking City is a sumptuous game in which you get to make and serve a variety of dishes to hungry customers in different parts of the world. It transports you into a bustling culinary world filled with excitement, challenges, and delicious dishes. Your aim in this game is to keep the customers happy and fulfill their orders as quickly as possible. You will have to manage your time and work efficiently if you want to ensure customer satisfaction. Happy customers will give you money that can be used for upgrading the quality of the dishes as well as the cooking equipment.
Cooking City
Cooking City has fast-paced gameplay that doesn’t allow you to rest for a second. The customers coming to your restaurant are always in a hurry and won’t remain patient for long. You will have to serve them quickly or you will lose them. Thankfully, this cooking game has a vibrant and inviting interface and simple controls that make it easy for you to prepare dishes in a jiffy. You just have to tap on ingredients and plates to cook and serve the dishes. Moreover, the game’s graphics do a fine job of setting the scene of a bustling restaurant and creating an enticing environment. All of the dishes are presented in such detail that you will get hungry just by looking at them.
Cooking City
This cooking game strikes a perfect balance between strategy and speed. Not only do you have to ensure quick service but also avoid burning food. Each level presents a unique set of tasks and time constraints, requiring you to multitask efficiently while maintaining quality to satisfy customers. The challenge escalates gradually, ensuring that the game remains engaging without becoming overwhelmingly difficult. There are various boosters available that can help you complete challenging levels. These boosters add an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. You can avoid burning food, automatically serve dishes, freeze patience meter of customers, double your earnings, and instantly cook recipes by using the boosters. These boosters can be purchased using gems, which is the premium in-game currency. You can buy gems from the shop by spending real money.
Cooking City
Cooking City offers a diverse range of cuisines and recipes. From Asian delicacies to Western favorites, the game offers a wide variety of dishes to cook, each with its own set of ingredients and cooking processes. This diversity keeps the gameplay fresh and engaging, allowing you to serve you customers with new and improved dishes. Moreover, the game's progression system is well-structured and rewarding. Successfully completing orders and improving your culinary skills allows you to unlock new restaurants and even more challenging levels. This cooking game also offers seasonal events as well. You can earn special rewards by participating in these limited-time events. There are daily login bonuses and daily tasks available as well that can earn you boosters for free.


  • Lots of challenging level
  • Cook a wide range of dishes
  • Serve customers exactly what they want
  • Keep the customers happy by not letting them wait
  • A limited time available for completing levels
  • Perform combos to earn extra coins
  • Option to upgrade ingredients and kitchen equipment
  • Various boosters on offer


Cooking City is a game for cooking enthusiasts who have an interest in serving food. It allows you to open various themed restaurants all over the world and satisfy the demands of the hungry customers. You will enjoy the variety of recipes and cuisines that you will get to make in this cooking game.

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